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About the Author - Profe

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Hauna Hochstetler, Profe, is a globetrotting educator who has spent over 10 years in public education as a Spanish teacher and School Counselor. She loves nothing more than sharing her knowledge and passion for travel with students all over the world. A traveler at heart, she has visited over 25 countries and counting. Hauna has worked, traveled, and lived in other countries, giving her unique insight into different cultures. She wants to share her experiences and promote cultural exploration and engagement among our youth to increase understanding and global curiosity and acceptance. Montana is home base, but she's always up for an adventure—especially if it involves being outdoors and exploring new places with her husband and toddler!

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Nadia Ronquillo - Illustrator 

Nadia Ronquillo is a Ecuadorian children's book Illustrator, visual development artist and content creator with a knack for drawing the whimsy in our day-to-day. Her work can be found in books, animated short-films, and publicity spots. For more of her work visit:

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